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Welcome to the BDLC website

The Banque de Données Langue Corse (Corsican Language Database or BDLC) is a scientific tool designed to illustrate and study the language variation of Corsican in space - including the Corsican dialect of Gallura and the alloglot community of Bunifaziu (Ligurian) - and in time. The data contained in the database are the result of field surveys and were collected from native speakers.

Accessing the data

Select a dictionary query mode from either:
  • English (English-Corsican dictionary)
  • Corsican (Corsican-English dictionary)
  • topics
  • locations
You can also consult the ethno-texts (texts module).

How are the lexical data presented?

In addition to the phonetic and orthographic transcriptions, and the linguistic analyses provided, the data are also:
  • projected onto maps
  • illustrated by way of photographs or audio clips

Using the BDLC

A detailed presentation and user manual are available to help with using the BDLC.

What is our approach?

Priority is given to oral sources of information. The data are collected through surveys conducted with native Corsican speakers. The data are firstly recorded then transcribed, before being linguistically analysed and integrated into the database.

How long has the BDLC existed?

This database was created in 1986 in connection with the Nouvel Atlas Linguistique et ethnographique de la Corse (New Linguistic and Ethnographic Atlas of Corsica or NALC). This two-fold programme was devised when the University of Corsica first opened, in partnership with the CNRS. The BDLC has been online since 2009 and is accessible to all.

Financé par le CPER 2015 – 2020
Ce site a bénéficié d'un financement pour le programme de recherches "Un outil au service de la Corse et des Corses: la Banque de Données langue Corse (BDLC)" dans le cadre réalisé du Contrat de Plan Etat-Région (CPER) 2015 – 2020.
L'aide financière a permis le développement de la structure informatique et de son contenu.